How to Easily Get a Job Today

Published: 31st October 2005
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The job search process has changed in the past 20 years. Although technical evolution has eased the access to job offers through Internet, the competition has become fiercely as more and more job seekers have good degrees and high abilities. The reality is that having a university degrees gives you no guarantee of getting a job easily as it used to be a few decades ago. A bachelor degree has become just one of the factors which will convince the employer to hire you.

Experience represents another factor. Although many job vacancy advertisements say employers don't require any specific experience, you will still need to have at least some internship or community work activity. Why? Because any experience will tell the potential employer you are an active person, interested in different areas.

Your technical skills are another important factor. Employers expect any job seeker to be able to at least know how to use Microsoft Office and how to surf the Internet.

And finally, your soft skills will always make the difference between you and other candidates for the job. Employers expect you to have leadership potential, communication and negotiation abilities, the capacity to find good solutions to any problem and interpersonal skills. Your resume will not reveal them, but an interview or a psychometric testing will definitely show the truth about yourself.

These are the things any employer will look for in a job candidate. If you don't own all of them, don't worry, there are several methods for improving yourself.

If you are a shy person, or even not so very good in interpersonal skills, you should practice to make them better. In order to improve your oral and written communication activities, the simple thing to do is to read and practice with one of your friends.

If you don't have any significant working experience in the employer's area of activity, you should emphasize any jobs or activities you had carried on. Highlight your internship or community work activities.

Always display a professional image of yourself. Pay attention to the way you are dressed, to the way you talk and to the way you behave. Remember that the employer will also take these factors into consideration.

When you are at a job interview, emphasize your soft skills, show flexibility, ambition and determination. An employer will always want to hire an active, determined person who is willing to solve problems instead of avoiding them.

Following these guidelines you will have better chances of convincing the employer you are the best candidate for the job. And remember, an image counts for 1000 words, so built up a determined, professional image of yourself to impress the employer!

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